Our Expertise

Profile draws on a wide range of consultancy skills and experiences in responding to the specific objectives of each client and associated project. Our service offerings include:

Political and Policy ‘Audit’
Determining how a client’s specific policy agenda, commercial objective or project is, or is likely to be, perceived by government in the light of political, policy, funding and other relevant factors..

Policy and Regulatory Advice
Comprehensive research, analysis, and strategic advice on policy and regulatory issues and the development strategies, tactics and options.

Legislative Advice
Counsel on proposed bills and existing legislation that a client may be seeking to promote, amend or propose.

Broad-based Stakeholder Consultation
As we pursue a legislative, policy or regulatory outcome, our proven approach is likely to involve the direct decision-maker as well as a range of government, parliamentary, departmental agency, industry and other stakeholders.

Counsel on Government & Parliament Inquiries
Government and parliamentary inquiries are commonplace on the full range of legislative and policy issues, with advice provided on submission formulation, public hearings etc.

Bid Advisory
Specialist advice to support clients involved in government competitive processes such as asset sales, Public-Private Partnerships, major projects and outsourcing.

General Government Liaison
Creating a positive interaction with government decision-makers outside of any particular issue or process that can serve clients well when these issues emerge at a later stage.

Intelligence Gathering
Close monitoring of relevant issues and developments within the executive and legislative branches of government in order to identify emerging issues of interest to clients.

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