What We Do

Profile specialises in providing strategic advice on public policy issues and government affairs to clients across all industry sectors, working within and across the Commonwealth and all State/Territory jurisdictions.  

A specialist boutique consultancy firm, Profile provides individually-tailored business solutions to clients that go beyond the traditional concept of ‘lobbying’ or simply providing ‘access’ to government.

Profile develops innovative business-focussed strategies, working intimately with our clients, that are likely to be effective in dealing with government and securing clients’ organisational objectives.

 We recommend how best to refine our clients’ messages to resonate with key public policy decision-makers and influencers.

 This allows our clients to most effectively progress the specific government and public policy outcomes they are seeking to achieve.

Profile’s senior consultants interact with Commonwealth and state government ministers, their senior advisers, other parliamentarians, departmental heads, and senior officials on a daily basis.    

Profile operate on a strictly apolitical basis, having close linkages to all of the major political parties in Australia, as well as key independent members of parliament.

Our Approach

Profile’s approach to client management is carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of each project. 

Some of the elements of our approach may include:

  • Initial political and/or policy ‘audit’
  • Thorough research and information-gathering
  • Development and distillation of ‘the case’ to be made to government
  • Formulation of a strategy and action plan with a clear set of discrete activities
  • Joint implementation of the strategy and action plan with the client
  • Monitoring of political and policy developments related to the strategy
  • Ongoing counsel on strategy and tactics
  • Regular client reporting, review and assessment

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